Premium Wild Bird Food Mix – 13kg


A premium quality bird mix with no added wheat, idea for feeding all garden birds. Suitable for bird tables, feeders or for the ground.

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Premium quality wild bird food mix – made of high quality ingredients in the UK. 

Not for dogs! Our premium quality bird food is great value and will attract a huge variety of wild birds to your garden throughout the year, helping them to stay healthy, chirpy and well fed. You can sprinkle it on bird tables, add it to bird feeders, or simply scatter it on the ground or window ledge.

Our Wild Bird Mix will provide a nutritionally balanced, natural diet for your feathered friends all year round. No added wheat, just a great selection of these top quality grains and seeds: kibbled maize, white millet, red millet, sunflower hearts, pinhead oatmeal, canary seed, black sunflower, striped sunflower, whole naked oats, red dari, peanut granules, safflower and soya oil.

We do not include wheat in our wild bird food mix as it is only suitable for pigeons, doves and pheasants, and can rapidly increase in numbers, frequently deterring the smaller species. With the wild bird food mix you will be able to attract robins, dunnocks, wrens, house sparrows, finches, reed buntings, collared doves and many more.

Bird feeding is a very popular activity for young and old alike and by offering a high quality supplement to their natural diet will ensure the birds coming back in your garden season after season.

Please remember bird feeders and baths need thorough regular cleaning to prevent spreading disease.

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